Welcome to Alber Winery
at Bustan Ivri

(The Hebrew Orchard)

Our story

We are Doron and Limor, a couple who decided to dedicate ourselves to sustainable agriculture, growing and enjoying the orchard products here in the beautiful Galilee.

In our orchard, a vineyard of grapes and an olive grove, a view of Mount Hermon, the Naftali Mountains, the Hula Valley, and the Golan Heights, A rich spice garden, and crops of the seven species.

We invite you to come and visit our winery and orchard. We offer fresh produce, wines, pomegranate juice, jams, and olive oil, all grown and made here at Bustan Ivri. We also offer tours of the winery and orchard, where you can learn about our sustainable practices and sample our delicious produce and wines.

We hope to see you soon!

Doron, and Limor.

What awaits you on our tour

Getting to know the vine, the harvest, and the wine production process.

Introduction to olive trees, the harvest and olive oil.

View of the Naftali Mountains, the border of Lebanon, the Golan Heights, and Mount Hermon.

Tasting of locally produced wine accompanied by cheeses made in the Galilee.

Here you can purchase agricultural products produced in the orchard: olive oil and its products, wine from the Alber Winery, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, various figs, and colorful sweet corn in season.

The Vineyard and Winery

A family boutique winery located at Bustan Ivri among the vineyards in the agricultural areas of Rosh Pina.

The growing of the grapes, the harvest, the production of the wine, and the bottling all take place in the orchard, a process that is all close to and connected to the earth.

Our Wines


Its color is dark and deep red, a fruity wine, young and refreshing, with distinct flavors.

Petit Verdot

A very fruity wine, delicately soft and easy on the palate, elegant and balanced.

Cabernet Souvengion

A fruity wine, the most common variety in Israel, its color is deep purple.

Souvengion Blanc

white wine characterized by acidity and a light body with a fresh tropical character

The Orchard

Bustan Ivri (the orchard) invites visitors to watch and be part of the growing and agricultural production processes. Tour of the winery, vineyard and tasting of the wine produced from the varieties grown in the vineyard: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Shiraz and one white variety: Sauvignon Blanc. Familiarization with the olive oil production process from the harvest to the oil pressing and tasting of the oils produced from the various varieties (Suri [Tsuri], Fisholin, Picuel, and Barnea).